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C1070314.MP3 [ 18k ] [ 02-22-19 ]

From "The Simpsons," "Ah, the hell with you!"

C3070313.MP3 [ 61k ] [ 02-22-19 ]

Charlie Sheen from "Two and a Half Men," "Well, as stories go I'd say, well, this is a good one."

C2061121.MP3 [ 35k ] [ 02-22-19 ]

Brad from "Home Improvement," "Why should I care?"

C2061010.MP3 [ 42k ] [ 02-22-19 ]

From "The Office," "I don't think any of them actually know my real name."

C1060214.MP3 [ 33k ] [ 02-22-19 ]

Calista Flockhart from "Alley McBeal," "There are no good men."

C3050720.MP3 [ 43k ] [ 02-22-19 ]

From "The Simpsons," "You got to get me outta here."

12061201.MP3 [ 47k ] [ 02-22-19 ]

Heather Locklear from "Spin City," "Oh, you want to get tough? You want to play hardware?"

C5070105.MP3 [ 49k ] [ 02-22-19 ]

Jerry from "Seinfeld," "Now drag your sorry ass over there and apologize to him."

C1050401.MP3 [ 126k ] [ 02-22-19 ]

Jason Alexander from "Duckman," "She's got a face that would scatter a leper colony. You know, like those really ugly broads that were always yelling about equal rights when all they really wanted was a little honey in their

C8061205.MP3 [ 32k ] [ 02-21-19 ]

Kramer from "Seinfeld," "This isn't your little comedy act."

C6061205.MP3 [ 86k ] [ 02-21-19 ]

Red from "That 70's Show," "You got to stop acting like a big shot. You're not the king of the world, y'know."

C2061025.MP3 [ 45k ] [ 02-21-19 ]

From "30 Rock," "I can't even believe that you are doing this to me."

C2061023.MP3 [ 39k ] [ 02-21-19 ]

From "How I Met Your Mother," "And believe or not, alcohol did not play a role."

C2050511.MP3 [ 62k ] [ 02-21-19 ]

From "Grounded For Life," "Oh, baby, you're so hot!"

C4060928.MP3 [ 61k ] [ 02-21-19 ]

From "The Simpsons," "Don't look, don't look don't look!"

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Cumulus Media/Bloomington: WBWN-FM, WBNQ-FM and WJBC-AM/Bloomington, IL, completed its 11th Annual Country Cares for St. Jude Radiothon on Thursday, February 14th and Friday, February 15th. This year's event raised $103,480 for the kids of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Back Row L-R: Lyndall Campbell, Susan Saunders, Ian Hunter, OM/PD Dan Westhoff, Dana Bell, Andrew Wegrzynski. Middle Row L-R: Faith Rinker, Kenzie Anderson, Sue Goodwin, ALSAC's Jill Libert, VP/Market Manager Paula Williams, Ruth Nichols. Front Row L-R: Cody West and Buck Stevens.