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C3040316.MP3 [ 18k ] [ 10-22-18 ]

Daffy Duck from "Looney Tunes," "Save me!"

C2040226.MP3 [ 26k ] [ 10-22-18 ]

From "Married With Children," "Gee, I'm gonna miss you guys!"

C1040211.MP3 [ 46k ] [ 10-22-18 ]

From "The Flintstones," "I feel terrible doing this!"

C1100527.MP3 [ 58k ] [ 10-22-18 ]

Adam Sandler from "Bedtime Stories,' "There aren't happy endings in real life. The sooner you guys know that, the better."

C2100509.MP3 [ 145k ] [ 10-22-18 ]

Doug E. Doug from "Class Act," "I'm gonna throw up. I'm gonna throw up nasty chicken grease and corn oil and cream of wheat. I'm just getting sick thinking about throwing up."

C2050922.MP3 [ 19k ] [ 10-22-18 ]

Adam West from "Batman: The Movie," "To the Batmobile! This could be the break we've been looking for!"

C1100601.MP3 [ 40k ] [ 10-22-18 ]

Dib from "Invader Zim," "Okay, that was annoying. But at least it was easy."

C1181018.MP3 [ 41k ] [ 10-19-18 ]

From "The Big Bang Theory," "That was weird, right?" "I honestly can't tell anymore."

C2181018.MP3 [ 32k ] [ 10-19-18 ]

From "The Closer," "And you can go to hell!"

C3181018.MP3 [ 30k ] [ 10-19-18 ]

Zoe Perry from "Young Sheldon," "How about you learn to act nice?"

C4181018.MP3 [ 34k ] [ 10-19-18 ]

Sheldon from "Young Sheldon," "I didn't hear a word you said."

C2100601.MP3 [ 53k ] [ 10-18-18 ]

From "Invader Zim," "Next time, we'll call your parents. Or Legal Guardian!"

C1040109.MP3 [ 24k ] [ 10-18-18 ]

From "That 70's Show," "Well, that was an eye-opener."

C3030204.MP3 [ 60k ] [ 10-18-18 ]

Mimi from "Drew Carey," "I'd blow your head off if I didn't think you'd find a way to suck the fun outta that."

C2030528.MP3 [ 23k ] [ 10-18-18 ]

Burt Ward from "Batman" "Under this garb, we're perfectly ordinary Americans."

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iHeartMedia/Chicago: As part of their ongoing support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, ''The Steve Harvey Morning Show's'' Shirley Strawberry and Carla Ferrell joined more than 4,000 in the 2018 Sista Strut Breast Cancer Walk in Chicago this past weekend. L-R: Shirley Strawberry (left) and Carla Ferrell (right) participate in the walk in Chicago with iHeartMedia affiliate V103.